Dying Consciously the Greatest Journey: Teacher’s Training


Death is the ultimate journey of liberation. We want to complete our unfinished business and be prepared to go on our greatest journey into infinity. We want to take the steps to journey home as cleanly as possible. Ancient teachings show us the way, describing the terrain and giving directions. In western culture there are not many teachings for after we die. Most have been drawn on brief visits during near death experiences. The spiritual men and women of Tibet and the Americas, however, have explored the landscape beyond death in great detail.

In this 18hour class you will learn the techniques to teach others in your community how to assist another in dying consciously. This is both a didactic and experiential class.You will receive a certificate of class completion and a noetbook with both materials to use in your teaching and materials to hand out in your classes. Your work may be with one family, a Hospice group or a small community gathering. With Western medicine evolving as it is this work has become more important than ever. The time is now and you are the ones!

Summary of Steps to the process you will learn

  • Great Life Review and forgiveness. The healer plays a significant role in supporting the dying person in going through their life review process and finding forgiveness.
  • Cleansing of the Chakras Help clear the chakras so the toxic energy accumulated through life does not keep the luminous body earthbound.
  • Giving Permission to die Let the dying person know that there is no reason to worry about those left behind so they do not cling to life and endure unnecessary suffering.
  • Great Death Spiral These are the rites performed after the person has died.
  • Lead Teacher Chris Prietto
  • Price $375.00
  • Pre-requisite South class
  • We will provide a Certificate
  • CEU’s are available as well
$375.00 (Tax Exempt)
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