Grow a New Body – Intensive

Grow New Body
An exclusive retreat at
Los Lobos Monastery, Lodge and Spa. ~ Chile


Greca ChicaJoin Alberto and Marcela in a week of renewal and healing.

Experience daily yoga, gentle mountain hikes, massage, and energy medicine sessions with a renown shaman. Most importantly, you will sample the brain foods and nutrients that repair the brain, regulate cellular energy production, and reverse the damage done by free radicals and oxidative stress.

Detoxifying, energy-boosting nutraceuticals will be offered including antioxidant and mitochondrial repair formulas that will clear away the brain fog, relieve cellular stress, and bring you increased clarity and energy. You will enjoy group sessions as well as private sessions with Alberto and Marcella, and leave with an individualized health and energy program that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

We’ve discovered that you can repair your brain and heal your body in as little as a week by re- activating your cellular detox and free-radical scavenging systems that have shut down with age (after all nature selects for reproduction, not for longevity) and turn on your health and longevity genes (Sirt1 genes). Oxygen therapy, which will be available during the week, eliminates dysfunctional mitochondria and triggers new mitochondrial production resulting in increased health, vitality and clarity.

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Greca ChicaOn this retreat you will experience:
  • Daily educational sessions
  • Exercise for your mind, body & spirit
  • Private healing sessions
  • Spiritual and energetic transformation
  • Energy boosting nutraceuticals and mitochondrial repair formulas that will power up your brain and relieve stress
  • Enjoy delicious meals and juices made with locally grown, organic ingredients

alberto1Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., the author of numerous best-selling books, is a psychologist and medical anthropologist who has studied the spiritual practices of the Amazon and the Andes for more than 25 years. While at San Francisco State University, he founded the Biological Self-Regulation Laboratory to study how the mind creates psychosomatic health and disease. Dr. Villoldo directs The Four Winds Society, which instructs individuals throughout the world in the practice of energy medicine and soul retrieval.


Greca ChicaPrice
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What’s included:

  • Land transportation from Santiago airport Jan 19th and to Santiago Airport Jan 26th only
  • Lodging
  • Three nutritious and delicious meals a day
  • Detox juices and superfoods, neuro-nutrients
  • Daily educational sessions with Marcela and Alberto
  • One private consultation with Alberto
  • One soul retrieval session with Marcela Lobos
  • Unlimited osteopathic/massage/acupuncture/shamanic sessions
  • Two shamanic energy medicine lectures and evening classes
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Oxygen based mitochondrial repair therapy

$11,500 Cottage or Sunset Suite double occupancy
$14,000 Cottage or Sunset Suite single occupancy

*air transportation and 6% gratuity on services not included
A non-refundable $3,000 deposit is required with your registration.
Full payment must be received by November 1, 2014. See terms & conditions.



This program is currently sold out.  Please refer to our Grow a New Body January 19-26, 2015.


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