Healing Stones – Chumpi Stones of the Peruvian Shamans

Healing Stones

The chumpi stones or kuyas are known as Healing Stones and have been used for centuries by the Q’ero shamans and healers of the high Andes in healing practices, to initiate and pass on lineage rites as well as to connect to the sacred mountains known as Apus.

These Healing Stones are connected to these sacred mountains of Peru, carrying the energy held by the Apus.  They are most commonly used when the bands of power are installed and woven into the luminous architecture of the body.

Bands of power are considered a technical rite like the Kawaq rites.  The bands feed and nurture the archetypes so they do not devour your energy.  The bands also provide protection, strengthening the Light Body with the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and pure light.

In the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society, the bands of power are installed during the South (Illumination) class as follows:

Chumpi 1 of The Healing Stones ~ the rainbow fountain of color enveloping the crown of the head with luminous threads of light cascading over the body in every imaginable color.

Chumpi 2 of the Healing Stones ~ the black band of power is woven around your lower body beginning in the earth and extending up to your navel.  It is the color of the deep rich soil of Earth Mother.  It is the place where the seed sits, without sunlight, to dream what it will become…the place of germination.  This is the joy of becoming…of your infinite potential…the joy of dreaming yourself into becoming.  This is the place of being nurtured and safe…held by the mother and her infinite love and protection.

Chumpi 3  of the Healing Stones ~ the red band of power is next woven from your navel up to your solar plexus.  This is the red of the blood of Earth Mother.  It is her cleansing waters.  It is the joy of renewal.  It is the joy of cleaning out the old to make room for the new and the joy of being in the flow of the moment, allowing your self to flow with the rhythm of life.

Chumpi 4 of the Healing Stones ~ the gold band of power begins above the red at your solar plexus and extends to your throat chakra.  It is the golden rays of the sun…the energy of life…the sweetness of everyday joy and beauty.  It is the energy that reaches the seed and encourages it to grow….to come out and play…to be out in the air and world so you may experience life and all that life has to offer.

Chumpi 5 of the Healing Stones ~ the pattern of weaving is continued with the silver band at the 5th chakra (or throat).  It is the place of insight, of inner knowing…of inspiration.  It is the joy of divine realization…of intuition…and those incredible “ah ha” moments of knowingness.  The fifth chumpi is then moved up to the 6th chakra (or third eye).  It is the connection to pure spirit.  It is your connection to your Higher Self, Divine Spirit, God, Wiracocha, the all that is.  It is the joy of feeling connected and feeling the oneness of all that exists.

These bands of power will always be there for you.  Let them nurture you and protect you.  Hold them with grace once they have been woven into your luminous field.




  1. Priscilla says:

    I hope to join you one day on your travels to Peru and in addition take your classes that resonate so deeply within my being.

  2. Such a beautiful process.

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