When It’s Time to Change the Healing Stones of Your Mesa

healing stones - healing mesas - The Four WindsMany years ago near the temple of Moray in Peru, I sat across from don Mariano as he did a coca reading. As we finished, he blew sweetly into a natural crystal from his mesa and gifted it to me. I could feel the energy of this beautiful shaman before me as well as the lineage before him…and it has remained a pivotal part of my healing mesa even though other stones have shifted or changed.

With that said there are no two healing mesas alike, just as there are no two people alike. My own mesa has shifted and transformed over the last 18 years until it is barely recognizable as the first mesa, which formed itself in 1994!

As one begins this path into Andean shamanism, we are given guidelines to follow in order to help establish our footing or foundation in the teachings. Once we begin to hear our calling, we learn to flow through the lessons and make the medicine our own. One way in which we do this is by allowing our healing mesa to speak to us…and then it’s up to us to listen and respond.

One year as I was going through a difficult period of my life…my mesa actually informed me to dis-mantle it! I hadn’t realized how attached I had become to the physical form of my mesa, and in my mind I was thinking, “I can’t possibly do this! What’s going to happen?”

After much meditation and ceremony I began the process…reluctantly. Some kuyas (healing stones) were gifted to those close to me and they in turn became a part of their mesa; one kuya gifted to me by a teacher was buried at the base of a tree near the woods; and others, which wanted to remain in my presence, were simply set on an altar for whatever was to come later in life. The end result was very freeing. It brought me to the completion of one circle around the medicine wheel, thus finding myself back in the South direction remembering the lessons of detachment. I was finally able to understand the meaning of this process and how it related to my life. It helped me open the tight grasp I had and allowed me to “let go.”

Similar experiences have happened throughout the years. My personal healing mesa has shifted many times as though it were “cleaning house.” Sometimes the healing stone (kuyas) energy shifts it seems … and they “ask” for a little vacation! These transformational shifts result in the kuyas changing locations – either to an altar or even to someone else’s mesa. There was a period of time when my healing mesa was very “masculine,” and after a sacred journey to the Big Island of Hawaii, it did a 180-degree shift to the feminine! Stones from Pachatusan, Salkantay and Ausangate were replaced with coral pieces and stones from the ocean.

So, for anyone wondering – your mesa shifts and transitions as you grow and change. Nothing ever remains the same. Enjoy the process and soar into your medicine!


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