How To Create An Altar

Have you ever found yourself wanting to create an altar but didn’t know where to begin?  Or even what the real purpose is for an altar?

Many of you have experienced the “altars” created during a class at The Four Winds as the week’s intentions were set for our growth, transformation and healing.  A beautiful mesa cloth was used as the “table” and set with flowers, candles, sacred stones, and gifts from nature collected each day by participants.

The altar was similar to the spokes of the wheel, becoming a center or hub for each person to connect to and ground.  As the week progressed, the altar morphed with the energy of the growth and transition of those in the room.  This “sweetness” held the seeds being planted for each individual.  By week’s end, as the circle was closed and the altar dismantled, the energy then dissipated on the physical level, yet remained with each person as they returned home.

You, too, can create an altar wherever you are, whether it is in your home, a hotel room on your travels, or even the dashboard of your car. (Yes, I had a mini-altar on my dash last summer as I drove cross-country and with each stop along the way there was a new addition to my mini “auto altar”).

A few suggestions to create an altar in your own space:


  • Any place can “house” your altar – the corner of your desk, a mantle, a nook on a shelf, a small table on your porch, a space in your garden or even the dash of your car
  • Any number of “containers” can be used as the canvas – a wooden tray, a mesa cloth or other textile, a mirrored tile, a shallow ceramic bowl, or even an object with various nooks and crannies like the rock I used for my “auto altar” (it had great holes in it with which I could insert feathers)
  • Objects that speak to you ~ stones, small statues, feathers, gifts from nature, candles, plants or flowers, vessels with water, or anything your mind calls to you.
  • Let your imagination soar…
    • Clarify and express your Intentions for whatever you may be wanting to call into your life or whatever “seeds” you may be wanting to grow and nurture
    • Or, simply create an altar for peace, tranquility and balance ~ a simple reminder for you each day

There are no rules… just follow your heart!

As you complete your journey through 2012 and look back over all the changes you have met and overcome, consider how you would like to embrace these lessons for 2013.  We’ve heard Alberto Villoldo speak of our “becoming” in 2012. Now it is time to embrace who we have “become” and express it physically as we create an altar.  I, for one, am going to create an altar for “who I am” and love every bit of it – the light and even the sometimes-not-so-light!

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