West: How To Face The Fear


It was the one thing he didn’t want anyone to see. He didn’t know how to face the fear. He didn’t want anyone to know it was part of him. He had hidden it, forgotten about it, avoided seeing it except at the worst moments, late at night or sometimes in his dreams. He had even pretended it belonged to someone else and then he could be aghast at their behavior. But the internal battle was devastating to his soul, and he was beginning to feel more dead than alive. He knew he must learn how to face the fear that was festering inside so he could really be fully alive. He had made the choice to be a person of power and knowledge. It was time.

The West direction of the Medicine Wheel is a place of reclaiming those aspects of yourself that have been disowned, or in shadow. It is time to allow the inside to match the outside, to walk with integrity. It’s time to learn how to face the fear. Climbing on the back of the Jaguar, you choose to step beyond the violence and fear. Using your full intention, you choose to become a peaceful warrior, with no enemies; even yourself. You own your shadow and all the gifts it has given to you, and place it with deepest reverence and honoring onto the earth where the pachamama helps hold it for you.

You are stepping beyond that death that stalks you, the one that was selected for you by being part of your family. What disease stalks your family? Is it emotional or physical? Maybe in your family you have alcoholism, diabetes, sexual abuse, or lack of abundance.

What karma continues to put you in the same pattern again and again?

Learn how to face the fear. It is time to bring closure to all the old lives you have lived. It is time to die to all that has been, shifting through everything that stalks you, then  claiming the gifts from all the rest and setting the old patterns free. It is time to die symbolically so you don’t have to die that way literally or live the life that has been carved out for you.

You are part of a healing journey that allows you to become the cartographer for your own soul. You are informed by who you a becoming 1,000 years from now. It is time.

Stepping out of the triangle of disempowerment you learn how to face the fear and hold its gifts. What are the gifts for you? Maybe the perpetrator gives your power, the victim gives you safety, and the rescuer gives you a place of service. You claim your gifts and you step free from the triangle. Aware that now you have stepped into the totality of the power of love, you dance forward with your heart, singing and jump with joy through the doorway being held open for you by Jaguar.

It is time to be claimed by life.

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