Interested in Shamanic Studies? What’s the Next Step?

Shamanic studies at the Four Winds

Oftentimes on our Facebook Fan Page we receive questions from people new to the teachings of Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds Society. A recent question is this: Where does one begin when we hear that little voice in our head that suggests pursuing shamanic studies?

Perhaps these individuals have read one of Alberto’s books or heard him lecture, and they are curious as to the next step.

Here are 3 things you can do right now as you move forward into shamanic studies:

1. Meditate ~ learn to sit in stillness and LISTEN. Most people think of meditation as something you have to “do.” It is more about clearing the mind of the everyday or every minute “chatter” that goes on and on in our heads. Can you simply begin with following your breath IN and then OUT? If “to do” lists pop into your mind or worries about life pop into your head…thank them and let them move on – like a river washing away all the unwanted thoughts. Begin with 5 minutes and work your way up. You can also do a walking meditation on a hike or on a bike if you prefer to move. Find what calls to you.

2. Journal ~ select a time of day for this – usually, either first thing in the morning or as you go to bed at night. You can “ask” a question to the Universe or just begin to write whatever comes to mind. What is most important is that you are taking this time for yourself to put thoughts down on paper. You can also write out what you are grateful for each day, which is the beginning of all energetic change that occurs in your life.

3. Pay attention to happy “coincidences.” As you begin taking time to “listen” throughout your day, a pattern will likely begin to show. You may find certain books or people appearing in your life. Take notice and if it feels “right” then pursue the thread to see where it may lead you. I did this 18 years ago when Alberto’s book “Island of the Sun” practically fell off a bookshelf in a used bookstore! Since then, I’ve been an absolute devotee to shamanic studies!

There are no “absolutes” to a journey on any spiritual or educational path. Most important is to acknowledge the signs you are given and to follow what you are comfortable with in the moment.

“It’s the journey not the destination.” Enjoy!









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