An Introduction to Energy Medicine: The Medicine Wheel

Looking for an Introduction to Energy Medicine?


Along with a large source of curriculum in and around the world of energy medicine, the Four Winds Society offers two foundational paths – The Light Body School’s Primary Courses and The Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel acts as more of an introductory series of courses to energy medicine. While the four Primary Courses of The Light Body’s School of classes – South, East, West and North – are addressed almost identically in The Medicine Wheel’s four courses, the Medicine Wheel is a 3-day journey per course vs. a 6-day journey per course.

Although the Medicine Wheel does not delve as deeply into the practical application of energy medicine (especially as it relates to someone with a practice or beginning a practice (See The Light Body School if you wish to train to be a healer), the Medicine Wheel is very much a magical legendary journey that an initiate takes to become a person of power and knowledge.  It is all based on your own personal discovery and allows you to learn how to use that power and knowledge to be of deepest service in the world.

As you journey along this very ancient map of human consciousness found throughout the Americas, you begin to know at the center of your being that creation is not complete. Every day brings a new opportunity to experience how your thoughts direct energy, and energy directs matter.


When You Start With Medicine Wheel in its “South Course … 

In order to dream a new creation full of light and love, which is the organizing principle of the universe, you know you must face the worst of what holds you – your shadow.  You look personally and collectively at that which we have disowned and is dark and heavy, and learn to hold it in light so you can shift the world.

At the beginning of your journey in the Medicine Wheel, you awaken your vision and develop an animistic relationship to the world and universe.  You learn how to hear the trees, speak with the stone and know everything is imbibed with spirit. Life itself has a voice.  You realize you are here to be of service for the good of the earth and take your place with other medicine men and women to help dream a new world into being.

You discover and embrace the divine within and reestablish connection to Nature and the mystery of the cosmos.  You become anchored in the sacred, living life in synchronicity.  Life comes into balance and the universe conspires on your behalf.

Through your own healing, you come to understand the miracle of how to step out of ego to learn how to work with intent.  Your training is imbedded in with the highest sense of ethics.  You know that the power that heals can be used to hurt; this requires the skills  to use all that you learn wisely.  You acquire not only skill that you can apply daily but the wisdom to use the skill.


Why There’s Nothing Like the Four Winds’ Medicine Wheel Anywhere in the World … 

Unique to The Four Winds’ Medicine Wheel, you become part of a lineage of Wisdom Keepers of all traditions.  You can call upon this lineage to help in your life, and to help create the world we all want for our children’s children to inherit.  You claim your seat that has been held for you throughout time, and join a circle of medicine men and women here to dream the world into being.

As you answer the call of spirit, you will journey way upstream, to the source of life, and learn to work at the energetic to grow corn in your life and for the world.

The Four Winds offers The Medicine Wheel courses many times a year at our primary and satellite campuses around the world. Click here for details on each of the courses and the dates they’re offered. We look forward to seeing you become a part of the magical, unending wheel of life – The Medicine Wheel.

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