Is Mind Consciousness Connected to the Actual Brain?

mind consciousness and the brain 680x440 px Is Mind Consciousness Connected to the Actual Brain?

From Alberto Villoldo:  Although we each have the ability to empathize or agree with others, each of us has our own thoughts and feelings. No other person, even someone we are very close to, can truly get inside our heads and know what we are experiencing. Our inner reality can only be imagined by another, because each of us has a separate brain and our own mind—at least, this is true in the realm of our senses, our bodies, and science. But what is the mind? What is consciousness?

 Scientists know what happens in our brains when we think about what to make for dinner, or feel irritation as we remember the thoughtless behavior of a friend. They understand how we create and retrieve memories, and what happens to various areas of our brain when we dream. 

What scientists don’t know is exactly how our consciousness connects and interacts 
with the energy fields around us, or with other people’s consciousness.


They can’t tell us if there is a mainframe consciousness, a “Big Hal”-like computer running everything, like in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The nature of our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions have been studied and explored by neuroscientists and psychologists, but where is that elusive “mind” located? 

• If that mind is contained by the brain, how is it possible that our thoughts shape our grey matter and weave new neural networks in our brains? 

• How do mind and brain interface with each other? 

• What is shaping our consciousness, and how much power does our consciousness have to shape reality outside of our bodies?


In Truth, It’s All Intertwined …

The confusion about the domain of the mind vs. the domain of the brain begins to clear when we have the ecstatic experience of shamanic consciousness. Once we comprehend that the physical world of the senses is intertwined with the non-physical, invisible realm of energy, and that all is part of a greater whole, we recognize that the brain and the mind influence each other.

 By eating healthy foods and engaging in activities that support the brain’s optimum health and functioning, we make it easier for the mind to throw off the yoke of fear and reactivity. Then, we begin to live creatively instead of according to old patterns etched into the neural networks of the brain. We can live consciously, making new, more daring choices than we have in the past. 

 In response, our brains will begin to mirror our new ways of thinking. New neural networks will be laid as easily a line of footprints is created in the sand. Our intentions will no longer be overridden by old programs that were put into play during our childhood. Fear, suspicion, and cynicism will be replaced by curiosity, optimism and a sense of connection to water, sky, eagle, and tree!


Readers, Alberto Villoldo explored this “intertwining” of the mind and the brain in much greater depth in his co-authored book, Power Up Your Brain.” His second book on this subject matter will be released in 2014. To read the exciting findings neuroscience is discovering about the ability to transform one’s brain AND mind consciousness.


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