Itinerary – Chile: A Women’s Medicine Journey

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November 10th:

  • You will be met at the airport in Santiago at 10:00 am for your bus transfer to the unique and stunning Canal Om retreat center on the coast of Chile.
  • Arrive for a delicious organic lunch and then enjoy free time to get a massage, soak in one of the warm water ocean pools, meditate with the soothing sound of the Pacific waves, or just rest.
  • In the evening, at our opening ceremony with Marcela you will meet the Machi – the medicine women of the Mapuche people.

November 11th:

  • Wake up to a feminine movement.
  • After breakfast you will learn how to open sacred space and pray with the Machi.
  • Spend time at the beach getting to know one another while soaking in cold or hot Pacific Ocean water for therapeutic purposes, known as Thalassotherapy (from the Greek word thalassa, meaning “sea”).After lunch, learn about the thirteen main feminine archetypes. Dinner will be served at the outside café during sunset followed by a fire ceremony.

November 12th:

  • The morning conscious movement class helps you open your body and heart to a new day.
  • After a delicious breakfast and sharing with one another, you will offer your prayers and have a group divination session with the Machi. Lunch and then a relaxing afternoon for thalassotherapy, journaling, and rest.
  • Dinner watching the sun setting into the Pacific.
  • This evening you will experience ceremonial Death Rites to unfasten the old self and open to the inner and outer journey to come.

November 13th:

  • Morning movemet class as you discover your individual pulse and rhythm.
  • Following a nutritious breakfast there will be prayer with the Machi and a Rebirthing Ceremony in the “womb of the mother” -the revitalizing Pacific Ocean.
  • Silent lunch as you meditate on this “open door” to a new self. Afternoon rest.
  • Surrender to the beauty of your evening dinner by the beach, followed by a sharing circle under the stars.

November 14th:

  • Begin the day with feminine movement followed by a healthy breakfast.
  • Farewell to Canal Om and a bus ride to Alberto and Marcela’s compound in the mountains.
  • There you will enjoy an organic lunch made with fresh picks from their own gardens and settle into the comfortable campgrounds surrounded by wildflowers.
  • In the evening you will come together to pray and commune with the spirits of the land.
  • Participate in a sharing circle around the fire with drumming and singing.

November 15th:

  • Awaken to a heart-opening movement class that stirs your appetite for a delicious breakfast.
  • Salute the sun and the mountains in preparation for a traditional “rewe” totem pole planting ceremony. Learn how to pray with the rewe, followed by an organic lunch.
  • After lunch sing and dance to elevate your spirits.
  • Dinner and sharing circle under the stars.

November 16th:

  • Wake up to celebrate another day among those who are happy and proud to express who they are as women. Group movement and breakfast
  • Meet our guest medicine woman who will teach us how to build a sweat lodge. You will spend the day working on the lodge, while you sing, drum, and snack on organic fruits, veggies, and nuts.
  • This evening you will participate in a sweat lodge ceremony and then share under the stars.

November 17th:

  • Wake up to conscious movement and witness the freedom your body will feel after last night’s powerful cleanse.
  • Free morning to rest and journal followed by a nutritious lunch.
  • Afternoon storytelling to portray a variety of feminine archetypes. Prepare a presentation of one or more of the stories told in the afternoon to perform it after dinner.

November 18th:

  • Morning movement, followed by a healthy and abundant breakfast.
  • Today you will learn how to build a labyrinth followed by a colorful and organic lunch.
  • This afternoon you will participate in a sweet ceremony to enter the labyrinth connecting you with your deepest longing in preparation for your vision quest. Dinner and sharing circle around the fire.

November 19th:

  • Rise early to pray and pack your things, and then begin your all-day vision quest up in the mountains. Alternative transportation is available for those who have difficulty walking. Once you find your vision in the high mountains you will walk down through a world biosphere reserve of local palms.
  • A bus awaits to take you to the Hotel Isla Seca for a well deserved hot shower and an elegant and abundant meal.

November 20th:

  • Sleep in linger in your dreams and consciously bring blessings to your newly awakenned self. After rising pray with your naked feet buried in the sand and sea and walk to a local restaurant for gorgeous fresh seafood.
  • Lazy afternoon to journal, rest, get a massage, or converse with one another.
  • Early dinner and sharing circle under the stars to ground all of our experiences and prepare for the journey home.

November 21st:

  • Wake up to a farewell dance of sisterhood and a leisurely breakfast.
  • Pack your bags, go back to your favorite restaurant for lunch, and then board the bus back to the airport, on to your next adventure, with a heart filled with loving memories.

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