Itinerary – Titicaca Lake


July 25: Early morning departure for Lake Titicaca by luxury coach. We experience breathtaking views of the Andean altiplano, with herds of wild vicunas and llamas. In the late afternoon we arrive at our hotel on the shores of the Lake. Evening opening ceremonies.

July 26: Early morning we visit the Temple of Fertility to call forth the seed within us that is ready to burst forth into life. Motor launches take us to visit the floating reed islands of the Uru people. We are guests in the homes of the islanders, a warm and friendly people self-governed by the original rules of the ‘ayllu’. We return to our hotel by the Lake.

July 27: Today we again ride a motor launch across the “Sea at the Top of the World” to the Island of Amantani. We explore the island and take part in ceremonies at the ancient pre-Inka temples of the masculine and the feminine. Evening celebration with the villagers. We are guests at the villager’s homes.

July 28: We take leave of the villagers who have become our friends, and travel back across the blue waters of this mystical lake. On the way we visit the Island of Taquile, renowned for its fine weavings. The weavers on this island believe themselves to be weavers of luminous strands that hold the worlds together. Evening celebration with the villagers. We are guests at the villager’s homes.

July 29: Return to Puno. We visit the ancient funeral towers Sillustani. Evening meditation and closing ceremonies. 

July 30: Early morning flight back to Lima and connecting flights to the USA.

Recommended reading: Island of the Sun, by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.


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