Lake Titicaca Expedition


Greca ChicaBirthplace of the Children of the Sun

Dates: July 25-30, 2014 Sold Out!
Host: Julie Hannon, Senior Faculty –  The Four Winds Society

Titicaca4Lake Titicaca is the source and origin of the Inka, who were born on the sea on top of the world. Here the Sun and the Moon gave birth to the first Inka and Coya, who emerged from Lake Titicaca and journeyed north to the valley of Cusco and founded the Empire of the Sun. The conquistadors established an important shrine to the Virgin of rebirth and new life in Lake Titicaca.

Our journey will have as its focus our own emergence as we do ceremonies and meditations with the transformative energies of these power places. We will visit the ancient towers of Sillustani, the burial ground of kings, queens and shamans, in the middle of Lake Umayu, the river of consciousness. We will call on new life at the Temple of Fertility. We visit the floating reed islands of the Uru peoples whose myth of origin points to Sirius, the Dog Star. Ceremony at the Temple of Illapa, the Lightning God, and Pachamama the Mother Earth will balance the polarities in our lives. We step into our becoming at Amaru Muru, the mountain gateway known as the Andean Stargate.

Throughout the journey we will be surrounded by the beauty of islands that are virtually undisturbed since Inka times. At Amantani, we stay in the homes of villagers, where we experience the purity and joy of their traditional life.

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Base expedition price – $2,900 per person, single occupancy. – $2,650 per person double occupancy.
Individual travelers requesting double occupancy will be paired with a same-gender roommate. Airfare not included.

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