Learn to Hold Your Life at the Level of the Mythic

Have you ever felt like you take on and hold other people’s emotions? Are you tired of feeling absolutely exhausted at the end of each day? Have you ever wondered how you might write a better life story, one that the universe will work with you to manifest?

Change how you walk in the world!

In Walking with Protection you will uncover a new awareness of the world around you! With this heightened sense you will be able to identify limiting beliefs that hold you back from your highest self. From this place you will learn techniques that allow you to clear patterns internally that are often reflected to you from the outside world. You will take home skills and gifts that will allow you to walk confidently in the world you are now co-creating!

In Working with the Sacred you will learn to hold your life at the level of the mythic – the Soul. You will learn how the Feminine and Masculine archetypes (universally understood symbols or patterns of behavior) are held within you, your family, your culture and in the world. From here you will explore how you are ultimately held and limited by these patterns within your day-to-day life. Realizing this, you will learn how to continually honor these archetypes within ceremony, allowing you to bring balance to all areas of your life.


Ona Sachs

Ona is a Wisdomkeeper, Shaman,and Energy Medicine Practitioner.  She has been guiding people for 25 years in her private practice, women’s circles, classes, and community ceremonies for families.  She is passionate about unearthing that which our soul is calling us to express in this life.

A message from Instructor Ona Sachs

It is because we are all Sacred beings taking this walk on Pachamama’s belly, that in the simplicity of a few moments of pure Sacred awareness, healing can happen. I feel passionate about teaching Working with the Sacred because it gives us tools to access our deepest wisdom. In our busy lives we tend to be far removed from the essential, complicating even our energy medicine practice.  This work returns us to remembering we are Creator. In this highly experiential class we discover from the inside out our engagement with archetypal energies as we access their energetic intelligence.  Archetypes live outside of time and space, and often we can find them in the places where our lives are in a tangle. It is not by removing them from us that we come into Ayni, but rather by acknowledging their presence deeply. In this way we are able to access their Medicine and find ourselves in the flow of the Multiverse once more.

A highlight of this class is our day dedicated to bringing archetypes into the room. People who choose to participate in this opportunity step into the shoes of an archetype that has called to them their whole lives, or one that they were born knowing intimately, or one that they are curious about. How this is expressed is limited only by the archetype – this is where we have the delight of being informed by the Creative Shaman that lives within each and every one of us.  We all receive the gift of the power that these Beings offer us when we turn our attention to them.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Working with the Sacred is that here we are bringing our presence in every cell – to being a Sacred witness. We discover this is the essential ingredient in creating the shift that we call healing – for our selves, loved ones, and clients.  Here we practice bringing awareness to what is buried beneath the story that our body, our mind, and our heart is telling.  We experience over and again how our attention can transform this pain into our greatest gift – no intervention necessary.  Join us in Park City for this class which bumps your practice up to a new level!

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