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May 2015 – Honor—and release—your loved ones this Memorial Day
April 2015 – A personal message from Alberto Villoldo
March 2015 – Connection… Beauty… Adventure – Peru 2015
February 2015 – Valentine’s Day, A Day of Love
January 2015 – ONE SPIRIT MEDICINE: Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness
December 2014 – Holiday trappings and wrappings
November 2014 – Thank you, thank you, thank you
October 2014 – New Fast Track program!
September 2014 – A Time for Courageous Dreaming
August 2014 – The Shamans are Coming!
July 2014 – A Pledge to Planet Earth
June 2014 – Finding peace, power and protection
May 2014 – Practice Audacity
April 2014 – New Winds Blowing; Cognitive Resonance; Deferred Maintenance
March 2014 – A New House Built on Dreams and Not Pain
February 2014 – Adventure, Ceremony, and Beauty
January 2014 – Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being


“Live” Teleconference audio with Alberto Villoldo recorded May 5, 2015

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. discusses his newly released book One Spirit Medicine. Hear Alberto as he discusses how our lifestyle choices can damage – or heal – our bodies at the cellular level. And how you can upgrade your health by upgrading your biofield!

“Live” Teleconference audio with Alberto Villoldo recorded April 8, 2015

Alberto Villoldo and guests discuss The Shaman’s Way of Healing Journey to Peru. Learn about the Four Winds expeditions filled with excitement and adventure, and the Light Body School’s shamanic healing and energy medicine training programs.

The Shaman’s Way of Healing – The South Class

Date 9-2-14 – Hear Alberto Villoldo and Four Winds Instructors share about the Light Body School, the introductory South Class and how they change peoples lives.

“Live” Teleconference audio with Alberto Villoldo recorded January 7, 2015

Alberto Villoldo and guests discuss “The Shaman’s Way of Healing”, the ancient healing wisdom of the Andean shamans and its effect on the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs our physical bodies.

“Live” Teleconference audio with Alberto Villoldo recorded February 4, 2014

Alberto Villoldo and guests share insights into shamanism, energy medicine and the Four Winds Society introductory classes.

“Live” Teleconference audio with Alberto Villoldo recorded December 11, 2013

Learn the Shaman’s Way of Healing as discussed by Alberto & guests on this live teleconference.

Energy Medicine: The Full Longevity Course with Alberto Villoldo Session 4


Hacking the Human Biofield: Session 1

Alberto Villoldo shares the ancient keys for wellness discovered by shamans millennia ago, now verified by the latest science!

Dr. Alberto Villoldo speaks about One Spirit Medicine

Listen as Dr. Villoldo explains how One Spirit Medicine can help you create extraordinary health.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo Demonstrating Shamanic Healing

In this video, Dr. Alberto Villoldo demonstrates the Illumination, the foundational shamanic healing technique taught in the Light Body School, which clears and balances the luminous energy field.


Learn how you can choose a new path of healing and dreaming a world into being for yourself, your loved ones and your community.

Part 1: Part 2: Nov. 12 “Hacking” the Human Biofield: How Shamans Create Extraordinary Health with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Do you want your health span to equal your lifespan? Do you want to live a life of extraordinary health and joy?

More Videos:

Alberto invites you to join Light Body School

Podcast #79 – Shamanic Biohacking w/ Alberto Villoldo
Shamanism and science aren’t often thought of as being allies of one another. Should they be? It turns out that ancient shamans were some of our first brain scientists and biohackers! Expect to take notes on this episode of Bulletproof Radio with the inspirational shaman, biohacker, and teacher Alberto Villoldo.

Alberto explains how Munay-Ki rites scour karma

Introduction to Munay-Ki

Alberto Villoldo interview with Jon Rasmussen part 1 Journey to Shamanism

Alberto Villoldo interview with Jon Rasmussen part 2 The critical role of the Shaman

The Spiritual Meaning of the Times: Wisdom of the Earthkeepers.
Join Alberto Villoldo, PhD. as he discusses how you can discover the value of ancient wisdom as it is brought to our modern world. The world and your relationship to it is changing faster than at any previous time in history. In this keynote talk from the 2012 IGEEM Conference, Alberto will provide profound insight into the spiritual meaning of our changing times.

Alberto Villoldo interview with Jon Rasmussen part 3 Value of the Shamanic cosmology

Dr. Gail Gross interviews Alberto Villoldo (this is very old interview)

It is up to you- Alberto Villoldo explains the Prophocies, Time and Evolution. Jon Rasmussen video

2010 Summer Solstice meditiation with Alberto Villoldo

The Role of the Modern Shaman with Alberto Villoldo, Jon Rasmussen and panel of guests

The Galactic Serpent

Dr. Alberto Villoldo speaks about the Orbs, luminous beings, messengers from the future.

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Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY

Joshua Tree Spiritual Retreat Center, Joshua Tree, CA

Biltmore Campus, Miami, FL

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