msa and ceremonyThe mesa or altar is a collection of power objects that represents the shaman’s journey through the Medicine Way.

To the shaman, Spirit permeates all of creation and the totality of the universe is alive! We establish a dialogue with the sacred through our Mesas. Every object in the mesa is connected by a luminous thread to a sacred mountain, a river, a canyon or an ancient place of power. The shaman is able to follow any aspect of these luminous threads to infinity.

In this course you will learn to work with the shaman’s altar. We explore and experience the Despacho ceremony, which brings the shaman into right relationship with heaven and earth, aligning the archetypical organizing principles of the Universe.


November 1-6, 2015, California


advance divinationYou deepen your shamanic skills and align yourself with the signs presented by nature, randomness and chance events.  

This is the class where you learn how to master the shaman’s art of tracking and seeing.  You learn how to create maps on the level of the soul for individuals and for the entire world. Alberto says, “very few shaman have the ability to track destiny and bring it into the moment.”  You will dive into the realm of the underworld and refine your Soul Retrieval skills. You learn to read the subtle signs and messages offered by the energy fields of others and of nature.

Learn the art of the medical intuitive – how to read inside a person’s body to examine organs, systems, tissues, and to diagnose spiritual disease. Experience the power that your language has on healing. Open to graduates only, or with prior approval.


November 1-6, 2015, California
October 30-Nov 4, 2016, California


mastery of timeMastery of Time has been an advanced practice for the shamans of our lineage.

In ancient Greece, time was worshiped as the God of all Gods, Chronos. Today, we are still very much in the grip of this powerful archetype.  Our lives revolve around ways to hold time, manage it, and get more of it.

In this experiential training, you will dance at the razor’s edge where there is no clock time – at the place of infinity.  From here, you can consciously envision the time to come.  You will learn skills to master dream-time, sacred time, and linear time. You will work with your personal timeline to source your life from your Destiny. You will learn how the future can reach back to the present like a giant hand to guide us, and our clients, to a desired destiny. Open to graduates only, or with prior approval.


October 11-16, 2015, New York
October 23-28, 2016, California


Advace soul and destinyDeepen your skills in the art of Soul Retrieval & Destiny Retrieval.

You learn how to assist others who have been derailed from their destiny at the time of trauma or life- challenge.  Learn to work outside of linear time in the realm of the infinite – in sacred time.  Influence events that occurred in the past, and to heal the future to help others step into their greatest destiny.  Open to graduates only, or with prior approval.




May 8-13, 2016, New York

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