A Journal Entry: Releasing the Past on Pachatusan Mountain

Pachatusan - Axis of the World - The Four Winds

Today we climbed Pachatusan Mountain ~ the “Axis of the World” as it is known by the Laika medicine men and women.

We had a full day of hiking before us, rising from Pachatusan Mountain’s  valley floor past a beautiful landscape of farmland and fields being harvested. The land was a checkerboard of grassy hills, golden hues of straw drying in the fields and rich fertile soil. We took breaks along the way to sit, look out over the valley and munch on trail mix. The Peruvian ponies grazed alongside of us. What a site to behold.

As our rest came to an end, we once again hit the narrow winding trailing leading us to the top. I was lost in my thoughts…and soon looked up to find myself hiking alone. Ahead of me were hikers racing to get to some unknown “finish line” in their minds…and behind me were those who were even more out of shape than me! The altitude was kicking my butt!

Throughout my life I had always been an athlete…always in the lead…but not this day. My breathing was labored, my heart was racing and I knew I needed to “release” my ego and leave it on the trail. I had to go at my own pace – in the now moment.

Each step was a walking meditation and releasing. I picked up a rock along the way and as each “doubt” or negative thought about myself popped up – I blew it into the stone (feeling lighter and freer each time I did).

As I walked and released an image appeared in my mind’s eye. I realized how invisible I had been throughout my life – even when in the spotlight. My “ah ha” moment came when I saw how I had not only been invisible in the physical world but I had also been invisible to myself. I had hidden from who I was and who I was to become. In hiding my true identity ~ I remained in the shadow of my own life.

We hiked over six long and grueling hours on Pachatusan Mountain … but it was one of the most incredible days I’ve ever experienced. Here I was releasing the past along the trail of a sacred mountain in Peru under beautiful blue skies with beauty all around me. How many ancestors and fellow journeyers had come before me? How many “ah ha” moments had been experienced?

The mountain offered me a precious gift of “remembering” who I was…and as we concluded the day, I gifted the beautiful stone, which had accompanied me along the trail, back to the Pachamama…thanking them both for such an exquisite privilege.

- Holly Rose

Editor’s Note: Readers, The Pachatusan Mountain experience awaits you when you register for the Advanced Shamanic Initiations Expedition with Marcela Lobos.

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