Personal Growth

personal growth Four WindsWe commend you on your desire to continue the upward spiral of personal growth and development in your own life. When you’re not necessarily interested in being a practitioner or creating/enhancing a practice, we suggest our Medicine Wheel Program.

Almost parallel to our Light Body Certification Curriculum for professionals, the Medicine Wheel offers the majority of its courses over three days’ time (rather than 6 in the Light Body School). The Medicine Wheel offers our core, foundational curriculum (“Medicine Wheel South,” “Medicine Wheel West,” “Medicine Wheel North” and “Medicine Wheel East”) as well as elective courses in a variety of energy medicine paths.

The Medicine Wheel is an exploration into the nature of time, energy and the essential self, the mystery teachings that can be known but not told. The Indigenous traditions have utilized the Medicine wheel for tens of thousands of years as a map for human consciousness. Through this personal growth and energy healing track, you are provided with the framework in which you can reflect upon the state of your inner world, clear your mind and heal from trauma. This shamanic journey will open you to experience the inner peace, vast insight, and extraordinary creativity that has always been within you.

Master the wisdom teachings of the Medicine Wheel through hands-on-practice and experiential exercises. Throughout your journey, you are initiated into lineage of luminous medicine men and women who are always with you.

Primary Curriculum in The Medicine Wheel:

  • Medicine Wheel – South Direction
    Learn to shed your attachment to your personal past, the way a Serpent sheds her skin. Learn the lessons from your experiences so you don’t have to keep repeating them. Transform your deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion to fuel your journey and reinvent your life. Learn the wisdom teaching of stepping into the place of your becoming; gain the tools to embody the practices of Non- judgment, Non-attachment, Non-suffering and Walking in Beauty.
  • Medicine Wheel – West Direction
    Break free from the grip of fear and take the journey beyond death to bring closure to what has been and allowing for a life of our choosing. Shed the familial baggage you inherited and break free from the generational curses and patterns that are passed down from parent to child. Discover the way of the Luminous Warrior, as you learn to cultivate deep peace in your life and walk in the world with impeccability and integrity. You will gain the tools to embody the practices of Fearlessness, Non-Doing, Certainty and Non-Engagement.
  • Medicine Wheel – North Direction
    Learn how to journey to Infinity, the place outside of time and space where all possibility and wisdom exists – engage with the living fabric of the Universe as you take your place as the Sage. Discover your timeless essence and drop your limiting roles and beliefs. Master the three wisdom teachings of Invisibility, Mastery of Time, and the Secret you keep even from yourself. Embody the practices of the Beginners Mind, Living Consequently and with Transparency.
  • Medicine Wheel – East Direction
    Release limiting core beliefs and projections.  Become the Visionary and learn how to work with energy and intention to create your reality and dream your world into being.  Embody the practices, Mastering Time, Owning Your Projections, No-Mind and Indigenous Alchemy.

Electives/Personal Enrichment Courses in the Medicine Wheel Program:

  • Reading the Signs of Destiny – Self Direction
    Learn to read the signs provided by nature, randomness, and chance events. Open the doors of your perception to discover the luminous world of energy and spirit that surrounds us, and awaken the dormant seer within.  Gain the skills to heed the cautions and seize the opportunities that Spirit offers us in every moment.
  • Working with the Sacred – Heavens Direction
    Learn to hold your life at the level of the mythic – the Soul. In this class you will learn how the Feminine and Masculine archetypes (universally understood symbols or patterns of behavior) are held within you, your family, your culture and in the world. Learn how to continually honor these archetypes within ceremony, allowing you to bring balance to all areas of your life.
  • Walking with Protection in the World – Earth Direction
    Uncover a new awareness of the world around you. With this heightened sense you will be able to identify limiting beliefs that hold you back from your highest self. Learn to neutralize the negativity, envy, jealousy and harm that might be directed against you, your loved ones, or that you may be calling upon yourself. You will take home skills and gifts that will allow you to walk confidently in the world you are now co-creating.


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