Medicine Wheel – North Direction

[Prerequisites: South, West]

Strap on your hummingbird wings and get ready for the uncharted journey deep into the soul. Just as a hummingbird makes the seemingly impossible migration from Canada all the way to Brazil, we too can embark on the epic mythic journey when Spirit calls. Although we don’t know where we’re going or how we’ll get there, we will learn how to follow the soul’s guidance to the flowers with the sweetest nectar to sustain us on our way.

In The Way of the Hummingbird, learn the shaman’s practice of Invisibility. Learn to step outside of linear time and into sacred time in the infinite to heal the past and chart new destinies. Become self-referencing and assume the role of author of your own story. Burn all of your limiting roles so that you can be fully available when Spirit calls.

Greca ChicaShamanic rites of The Way of the Hummingbird include:
  • The Wisdomkeeper Rite – Lore says that the ancient wisdom resides in the high mountains. Learn to source directly from the mountains and become part of a lineage of Wisdomkeepers who defeated death and stepped out of time. These rites will help you to protect the wisdom teachings and share them with others when appropriate.

Greca ChicaTUITION:
650 USD/€

Greca ChicaCourse Dates

USRegister Online
Oct 4-7, 2015 – New York

EUROPE – Call to Register
Sep 9-12, 2015 – Germany

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