Medicine Wheel – West Direction

[Prerequisites: South]

Just as the jaguar has no predators in the jungle, learn to have no enemies in this world or beyond. Leave behind the traditional archetype of the violent warrior and step into the shoes of the luminous warrior, who speaks only truth, walks truth, and calls truth. Break free from the grip of fear and prepare to journey beyond death.

In The Way of the Jaguar, you will have an opportunity to explore inherited ancestral and karmic patterns that propel you toward a certain destiny. You will participate in exercises that help you to come into right relation with these patterns and to honor the gifts of your ancestors, so that you can set them free and empower yourself to create the world of your dreams.

In addition, you will be introduced to the shaman’s perceptual states, which will allow you to track or “see” phenomena on the physical, emotional, mythic and energetic levels. You will also learn the ethics of tracking so that you may use your skills to promote health and well-being in those around you.

Greca ChicaShamanic rites of The Way of the Jaguar include:
  • The Earthkeeper Rite, which makes you a steward for the earth as well as for the ebb and flow of the seasons, death, and life. This rite allows you to step out of the story of a personal mother into one of a collective mother who never leaves you. You become a steward of all life, responsible for the thoughts and actions of everyone.
Greca ChicaTuition:
$650 USD/€
Greca ChicaCourse Dates

USRegister Online
Sep 20-23, 2015 – Florida
Nov 1-4, 2015 – California

EUROPECall to Register
June 16-21, 2015 – Germany

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