Private Consultations

Experience the Power of Energy Medicine With a Skilled Shaman

Private consultations are offered by our highly skilled Senior Staff who are trained in the core luminous healing practices by Alberto Villoldo, PhD. These one-on-one consultations may include illuminations, destiny tracking, soul retrieval or extractions. They are typically one hour long, and are offered by telephone to clients world-wide. 

Christina Allen – Trained classically as a Physicist and Neuroscientist also studied yoga extensively before stepping onto the shamanic path. She now stands with one foot in each world in a place of balance and grace. Her passion is sharing the integration of these many wisdom teachings with others and empowering people to find their own magnificence.
DeeDee McMillan – Told at a young age she had the heart and hands of a healer. Being good in math and science, she didn’t live these words until much later. Spirit called, and when she finally answered, the path of the shaman unfolded. DeeDee’s passion is following her soul’s journey as well as facilitating others to shape their own. She has journeyed on several occasions to Peru to hold healing ceremonies with the Q’ero shamans.
Jillian Vogtli – A Practitioner of Energy Medicine and a Shamanic Teacher with The Four Winds in the US and abroad. In addition, Jillian is a 2002 and 2006 Olympian in Mogul Skiing. Since her retirement from competitive skiing in January 2010, she has turned her passion full time to the Shaman’s Way of medicine, a path of personal growth, healing, and empowerment. Jillian teaches, lectures, vand has a full time client practice.
Europe – Lara’Marie Obermaier – Lara’Marie was active in business management for many years. Her expertise and vision launched her on a journey of spiritual development. Lara’Marie now has a healing practice in Munich, where she combines psychotherapy and shamanic energy medicine to empower her clients on their personal journeys.

We do not offer medical or psychological consultations. Please consult your doctor or mental health professional for these services.



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