Peru – One Spirit Amazon – Detailed Itinerary

Amazon jungle expedition - The Four WindsJourney to the Amazon Rainforest with Marcela Lobos in a small off-the-catalogue experiential group that will explore the joining together of jungle and western medicine. This expedition is reserved for advanced Four Winds Light Body School students and graduates and is limited to 18 participants. Click to return to One Spirit Summary and registration information

Day One – March 1st:
  • Morning flight to Puerto Maldonado ~ in the heart of the Amazon. You will walk from the tarmac into an open-air baggage claim area.
  • A short bus ride takes us to the Madre de Dios River where we begin our two-hour journey by motorized canoe to our beautiful Lodge.
  • After a leisurely lunch, you will have time to settle into your bungalow, explore the grounds and rest.
  • Late afternoon welcome circle with Marcela and introduction to the jungle shamans.
  • Opening Ceremony.
Day Two – March 2nd:
  • After a leisurely breakfast amid the sounds of the jungle, we will travel by canoe to the Island of the Monkeys.
  • Return to our lodge and enjoy a deliciously prepared lunch.
  • Rest or journal in a hammock by the river
  • Afternoon meeting with Marcela ~ we begin the process of bringing forth a new map of who we are and who we are becoming.
  • Following dinner we begin our in-depth medicine work with the shamans.
Day Three – March 3rd:
  • After a delicious breakfast we take a morning hike to explore jungle flora and fauna with a native botanist. We discover the origin of many of our western medicines, as they grow undisturbed under the jungle canopy.
  • Return to our lodge and enjoy a deliciously prepared lunch.
  • Rest and journal by the pool.
  • Afternoon meeting with Marcela ~ we continue the new mapping journey ~ and preparation for the evening’s sacred medicine work.
  • Following dinner we once again work with the jungle shamans.
Day Four – March 4th:
  • Enjoy a casual breakfast in the lodge.
  • The river calls us this day ~ morning canoe trip to visit the Gamitama River, a tributary of the Madre de Dios River.
  • Return to our lodge for a deliciously prepared lunch.
  • Rest and journal while listening to hundreds of different birds and animal sounds.
  • Afternoon meeting with Marcela ~ continue to clear our karmic stories, toxic relationships and envisioning our new map.
  • Following dinner we continue our in-depth exploration of the jungle medicine ways with our shamans.
Day 5 – March 5th:
  • Enjoy a quiet breakfast in the lodge.
  • A morning hike to Apu Victor Lake, a body of beautiful crystalline waters, surrounded by extensive swamps, and gigantic trees, finds us observing exquisite wildlife, bird-watching, caimans, turtles and maybe even an anaconda.
  • Return to our lodge for our buffet lunch, rest, and journal.
  • Afternoon meeting with Marcela ~ integration of all the experiences we are having in the jungle and taking them to a higher level of consciousness.
  • Following dinner we resume our work with the shamans and sacred plant.
Day Six – March 6th:
  • Enjoy a relaxing breakfast and your last full day in the jungle.
  • Expedition to the caiman lagoon to feed the caimans while breathing in the beauty of the forest, the birds, and the butterflies.
  • Lunch at our Lodge and time for reflection.
  • Afternoon follow up meeting with Marcela ~ final teachings, sharing and questions.
  • Final celebration dinner in the jungle with new friends.
  • Meditation.
Day Seven – March 7th:
  • Return flight to Lima and International connections home.

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