Replace Powerlessness With Confidence: Walking With Protection Course

Put Powerlessness In Its Place

In today’s changing times, it’s more important than ever to step away from feelings of powerlessness and limiting beliefs. While the masses of humanity might be caught up in fear, resentment or indecision, you have the ability to step confidently into your destiny. At the Four Winds Society, we help you uncover this new awareness in our course, Walking With Protection.

This fall and winter, we’re offering Walking With Protection in several of our classroom locations around the world to help people everywhere gain and maintain solid footing in their lives. As a participant, you will learn to operate from a heightened sense of wisdom and understanding, both for yourself  and that of the world around you. Instead of reacting to shifting times or dropping into feelings of powerlessness, you will be provided with tools to navigate these changing times with confidence and knowing. In five life-shifting days, you will …

  • Identify harmful or powerless beliefs that hold you back from your highest self,
  • Clear patterns internally that are often mere reflections of the outside world,
  • Uncover the hidden places where you have been unwittingly caught in powerlessness,
  • Learn the shamanic practices of Intent, Tracking and Dreaming to attain wisdom and liberation,
  • Discover what’s been stopping you and – finally – step beyond that fear into your destiny.

According to the ancient Shamans, times of great fear and chaos bring the polar opposite: great opportunity. Alberto Villoldo reminds us that, with the proper tools, we have the opportunity right now to break free of the shackles of history – personal history, cultural history and world history!

Learn to walk though life with protection and light and bring peace and beauty to everyone around you. 

It’s here for you in Walking With Protection. Register today or call us direct to discuss this course at 435-647-5988

Note: The Four Winds course, Working With the Sacred is intentionally designed as a parallel course to Walking With Protection. Both courses fulfill requirements for the Healing the Light Body program, the Medicine Wheel Program, and the Soul Retrieval Certification Program.




  1. Dear Shaman colleagues,

    Some days ago I have had the great opportunity to take part at the WWP class in Germany and I would like to share some experiences with you.

    For me it was a very important class with a lot of information, e.g. how I can go protected in the World, find my shadows and how I can assist my clients on their journey?

    A unique experience was the simultaneous treatment of 4 shamans.

    This class really broadened my toolbox with a lot of skills.

    Peter with his team Amina, Kerstin and Michael led us with love and enthusiasm in this class.
    Peter’s knowledge, his experiences, his humour, his treasure of stories and his teachings were excellent and wonderful. Amina complemented Peter also with her stories and experiences.

    To round off the picture we have had an Ayni Despacho, Kutti Despacho and a Kutti Huaca, who connected us additionally to the energy.

    Thank to The Four Winds for offering such a wonderful class.

    In my opinion Peter is able to invite the people, encourage and inspire them.
    This is necessary to anchor knowledge and experience together, meaning connection of the emotional network together with the cognitive network to strengthen your brain (“neurons that fire together will wire together”).

    Warmly regards and in Munay

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