Retreat for Women Re-Engages Your Power and Majesty

Too often, women get so busy with the many demands of their lives that they can feel swallowed up in it all. They sometimes feel “unplugged” from themselves and their powerful potential, and might feel unbalanced or searching for more. The Four Winds Society has developed a retreat for women that changes all of this.

Marcela Lobos actualizes ancient ceremonies and wisdom to help women reconnect to their beauty, strength and passion.  

In other words, The Women’s Altar helps give you back to you.

Whatever your age, background or story, it’s time you recognize that you are the daughter of the Goddess, made in her image and likeness. On October 8th – 12th in stunning Joshua Tree, California, Marcela teaches you how to access the goddess in you and commune with the divine feminine for lasting sustenance, power and strength. Through lessons, shamanic and fire ceremonies, laughter, dance and support in this female circle you learn to …

  • Honor your mother and female ancestors,
  • Ignite the courage to be bold, brave and unapologetic as your most powerful you,
  • Build and activate your own altar and commune with the Goddess for blessings and guidance,
  • Shed the wounds and stories that do not serve you,
  • Discover your inherent gifts and purpose,
  • Embrace and express these gifts to the world.
The Women’s Altar helps you recognize and free yourself from the shackles that have bound you to a life less satisfying.
Release your limits. Step into your power.

This course is being taught by Marcela Lobos at the Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts, March 24-29, 2014. Click here for more information



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