Shifting Out of Being “Stuck” Through Decoupling

How many times have you found yourself “stuck” and unable to make a decision or move forward in your life?

When we find ourselves in “fight or flight” response it is usually the result of being traumatized, stressed or overwhelmed to one degree or another. There are some people who have been in this state their entire lives … and then there are those who have this reaction when a life challenge presents itself unexpectedly. It’s a response of the adrenal gland to a situation when a person feels he or she has no other choice but to fight or flee … many times remaining “stuck” in alert mode all the time.

In shamanic energy medicine, decoupling by a practitioner disengages this “fight or flight” dynamic in our body. It allows us to relax and begin to engage with the world from a different place. The shamans refer to this process as “bringing the jaguar down from the tree.”

The Decoupling Process:

  1. Place right hand under heart/left hand holding deepening points (occipital ridge) on back of head.
  2. Connect to the heartbeat of the earth – the heart is the great drum of the body – attune to this.
  3. Mentally speak to their heart like you would to a child – “it’s ok my little one, you can relax, it is safe”.
  4. Sense the heart coming to rest in your palm – releasing the tension. Their breathing will change.
  5. Now place the left hand under the heart/right hand under the 2nd chakra (the lower abdomen, about an inch below the navel).
  6. Mentally speaking to their 2nd chakra, think – “It’s ok my little one, you can relax, it is safe”.
  7. Sense the 2nd chakra coming into rhythm and balance with the heart.
  8. Important note: Some clients may need to be decouple several times.




  1. Patricia Herrera says:

    Thank You for sharing this techniques. Love this form of energy medicine!

    • Thanks for posting. While I saw this at the Initiation event at Kripalu, last month, it was not as clear and direct. The two together will be a great help.

      Light and love,


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