A Soul Journey: Working With the Sacred Course

Soul Journey


There’s a big difference between a “day trip” and a “journey.” As you’ve begun to seek greater wisdom and understanding, you’ve undoubtedly experienced moments when your soul is alive with passion, fire and purpose. Consider then, the opportunity to not just experience mere moments or even a “day trip” for your soul. Embark, instead, on a lifelong soul journey with the Four Winds Society’s Working With the Sacred course.

When you set off on a soul journey, you begin to dance in a world where most mortals fear to tread. As you explore the ancient myths and forces that guide your images and dreams, you will find that you’re aligning with the Sacred. And, when you’re aligned with Sacred, your life seems to miraculously fall back on track – you have begun to live your destiny!

In Working With the Sacred, you will …

  • Learn to hold your life at the level of the mythic – the Soul
  • Explore Feminine and Masculine archetypes (patterns of behavior) that are held within you, your family, culture and world
  • Recognize how certain archetypes stop you and take the simple steps to move past these age-old obstacles in your journey forward
  • Let go of limiting patterns in your day-to-day life
  • Equip yourself with the ancient practices and tools you need to continually honor your soul journey, which bring balance to all areas of your life.
When you give permission to yourself to embark on this never-look-back Soul Journey, you’ve give yourself permission to truly live in the realm you deserve. 


Note: The Four Winds course, Walking With Protection is intentionally designed as a parallel course to Working With the Sacred. Both courses fulfill requirements for the Healing the Light Body program, the Medicine Wheel Program, and the Soul Retrieval Certification Program.

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