South (Ilumination) New York

WHEN: February 23 – 28, 2014
WHERE: Menla Mountain Retreat, Phoenicia, NY, USA.
COST: $1650 USD
CONTACT: Karen Wilson or Timmy Giles(888) 437-4077 or (435) 647-5988

Emotional Healing: The Healing Journey Begins

Whether you enroll in the Four Winds “South” class for personal reasons or as a practitioner to better work with your clients and patients, the “South” class reminds us that there is a more effective option for emotional healing, a different kind of healing journey altogether.TheFour Winds South (or “Illumination”) course offers emotional healing where you can engage your personal histories and release their grip all at once – not one by one, but like a serpent shedding its entire skin all at once. You come to the cellular realization that you are not your story. You are not your history. And the skin comes off.

$1650 USD

Discounts are available for the purchase of multiple courses or the complete program. For details, please contact our office at 1 (435) 647-5988, 1 (888) 437-4077, or at

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Menla Mountain Retreat
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