Reclaim your spiritual intuition in the North

In the North class, the journey around the Medicine Wheel deepens into a more spiritual one. In the South and the West, we found ourselves in the trenches, we addressed who we had been, what personal stories we had identified with, what the gifts were and the ways in which our ancestral stories had held and defined us.

With the momentum from those lines drained we are now able to remember that secret we have been keeping from ourselves, the true nature of who we are. Remember, we are on a path of fire. The Medicine Wheel is an alchemical process that cooks and tempers us , that transforms us and brings us to a place of transcendence.

In the North, we shift our self identification from what our roles have been to who we are as a spiritual being. We come into the present moment and find that Hummingbird part of ourselves who is on an epic journey of wonder and grace.

The North is the direction where we learn Soul Retrieval, where we learn to travel into the depths of our souls to reclaim those parts that have been lost or forgotten. As we remember who we are, we find that we can call off the search in the North. We reclaim our spiritual intuition and become self referencing shamans. We look at time and destiny and we step into circular time where there is no beginning and there is no end to time. And finally we take our seats at the fire of elders in the North, of a lineage that has held our seat at the fire for lifetimes. This too we reclaim!

Step into the now, the fire is calling!

Christina Allen, Senior Instructor, The Four Winds Society






For additional information about the North (Soul Retrieval), click here.


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