Shamanic Training #1 – South Class


Whether you enroll in the Four Winds “South” class for personal reasons or as a practitioner to better work with your clients and patients, the “South” class reminds us that there is a more effective option for emotional healing, a different kind of healing  journey altogether. The Four Winds South (or “Illumination”) course offers emotional healing where you can engage your personal histories and release their grip all at once – not one by one, but like a serpent shedding its entire skin all at once.  You come to the cellular realization that you are not your story.  You are not your history.  And the skin comes off.

The chef at the Biltmore is preparing meals specifically for the Four Winds students. The meals offered are based on Dr. Villoldo’s recommended Shamanic diet. Meal plan rate includes all daily meals.

$1650.00 (Tax Exempt)
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February 22-27, 2015 – Ivoryton, Connecticut
May 17-22, 2015 - Miami, Florida
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