Sacred Objects

Begin your journey with the right tools.

Rattles, mestana’s, and extraction crystals are some of the Shaman’s tools. Whether you are building your mesa or working with clients, the Four Winds Society offers sacred objects for your journey of healing and personal growth.

  • Chakra Pendulum with Velvet Pouch


    This charkra pendulum has 7 little stones all along the sterling silver chain. Good pendulum for chakra balancing. Rose Quartz is a calming and soothing stone, it brings gentleness...

  • Silver Inka Cross

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    Sterling Silver Inka Cross Pendant representing the four corners of the Inka world, the four directions the shaman works with, and the four organizing principles of the world. The ...

  • Mestana


    From Peru, hand woven by the descendents of the Inka.

  • Metal Chambered Pendulum with Velvet Pouch


    Made of polished brass this pendulum can be filled with a small stones, hair strand or a piece of clothing to increase its powers.

  • Peruvian Chakana Necklace Stone


    Steeped in the mysticism and mythology, the Andean Cross, Chakana, is a sacred symbol of the ancient Inka civilization. It represents the four corners of the Inka world, the four d...

  • Ceremonial rattle


    Beautiful handmade rattles from Peru. Each one has its own unique design and sound. Sizes vary. The rattles are approx. 3+ inches in diameter.

  • Florida Water from Peru 7.5 oz Plastic Bottle


    For the Shaman & Reiki Communities ... Agua de Florida Florida water is widely used by shaman all over South America for ritual offering and purification. It is offered as a...

  • Knife


    A small, hand-crafted solid silver chilean knife created for use in ceremony to cut cords and bindings. At three inches, its size makes it extremely portable. Hummingbird shapes ar...

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