The Art of Divination


When you don’t know where you are going, any path will get you there.  For the Shaman, practicing divination is one of the keys to envisioning the world we choose into being. When we practice divination, or the act of seeing, we are participating with the divine in creation. Our task is to learn to break free from the grip of the language of merchants and step into the language of the poet.  Now is the time to become the storytellers for our lives and for the collective.

The origin of the word Divination is from making divine, or becoming one with the divine. The shaman practices stillness as a way of bringing vision into her life and to the world.  The shaman’s stillness is not an external stillness, but an internal stillness.

In the same way, when the waters of a lake are absolutely still, the lake reflects everything around it perfectly, the trees, the sky, the rocks.  I remember a beautiful high mountain still lake where I backpacked that reflected a gorgeous full moon so brightly you could see everything reflected in the lake even though it was night.  Then at the slightest breeze, with the smallest ripple in the waters, the lake reflects nothing but itself.

Practicing and mastering the art of divination, what the shaman calls “tracking,” is the same as the still lake.  In stillness we can see the world perfectly, but if our internal lives have the slightest ripple of judgment or interpretation then all we reflect or perceive is our own story or we become caught in the collective story of drama.

The work that allows us to become the seer and learn the language of the poet or storyteller is to come into proper relationship with the world around us.  We must work on the limiting beliefs that create our internal story.  When we clear the imprints from our Luminous Energy Field we are then able to take up residency in the place of possibility and practice the way of the seer.

Divination is becoming divine and participating in a divine process.  In its highest expression it is dreaming the world into being.  To become the dreamer for the world we first must wake up and then stay awake. We must wake up from the cultural trance we have all been part of.  The universe is always reflecting back to us the condition of our love and intent.

The first step is to stay awake and notice what we are creating. Begin to wake up by practicing the Owning your Projection exercise from my book, The Four Insights. This exercise will help you break free from your stories and create a sacred or divine poem. Once you begin this process stay awake to notice what happens.

Practice divination to become the visionary.  As we each sit with the Divine to envision the world we want to create for our children’s children, we will create a new story for our world.


Readers, at the Four Winds, Alberto Villoldo created a course that requires no prerequisites, Reading the Signs of Destiny, to introduce students the the world of Divination. We also offer an advanced course, Advanced Divination & Seeing for returning students.  

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