The Best New Year “Cleanse” – Chakra Cleansing

As we begin a New Year, many of us consider “cleaning up our systems” with a New Year Cleanse – juice cleanses, detoxifiers, perhaps fasting. While these all have merits in and of themselves, I encourage you to get to the “heart” of the matter with a chakra cleansing, too. Chakras are directly connected to your Luminous Energy Field. The LEF is much like a battery – it can operate at full tilt only so long before it is unable to regenerate itself. How well we preserve and regenerate our luminous reservoir seems to govern how long and how healthily we will live.

Below, I explain the importance of chakras and how to easily and regularly practice a chakra cleansing to further support your emotional and physical vitality. Try this for a New Year Cleanse, and your body will experience a surprising shift in just a matter of minutes.

 -Alberto Villoldo

From the book, Shaman Healer Sage


What, exactly, IS a chakra?

We all share the same luminous anatomy, which includes the chakras and the acupuncture meridians. The chakras are swirling disks of energy. They spin three to four inches outside the body and link to our spine and the central nervous system. The chakras are a direct pipeline to the human neural network.

They rotate clockwise, and each chakra has a unique frequency that we perceive as one of the seven colors of the rainbow. The chakras in a newborn child display their pure color, from red in the first chakra to violet in the seventh. As we grow older the colors in the chakras become dull. The trauma and loss in our lives leave their toxic residues behind. The sludge that adheres to a chakra does not permit it to vibrate at its pure frequency, and physical aging is accelerated. When a shaman completes his or her healing process, the chakras become clear; they spin freely and vibrate with their original purity again.

While the practitioners of yoga recognize seven chakras, my mentor and shaman Don Antonio taught me that we have nine chakras. Seven are within the physical body while two are outside the body.

The eighth chakra resides within our Luminous Energy Field. It hovers above the head like a spinning sun. It is our connection with the Great Spirit, the place where God dwells in us. When we die, the eighth chakra expands into a luminous globe and envelops the other seven chakras in a vessel of light.

The ninth chakra corresponds to Spirit, which is impersonal and infinite. While the eighth chakra manifests in time, the ninth chakra is present in the timeless now, a point without time, unfettered to history. It extends through the vastness of space and connects to the eighth chakra by a luminous cord.


About chakra cleansing

Each of us has a Luminous Energy Field, which can become toxic as a result of environmental or emotional pollutants. The chakras become clogged, building up residue and spinning more and more sluggishly so that we have less energy and become easily irritated or depressed. Eventually, they seize up and our immune system breaks down.

How effectively we renew our energy stores can determine how healthy and active we remain. One way to upgrade our Luminous Energy Field is to make a practice of cleansing the seven chakras. It is practiced in the morning while in the shower. Hold your left hand at the base of your spine, and with your right hand three to four inches above the skin, feel for your first chakra. Spin the chakra counterclockwise (imagine that your body is the face of a clock) three or four times, rotating your fingertips in a circle. Rinse your fingers in the water and repeat this process for all seven chakras, making sure to rinse your fingers thoroughly in between.

Now, go back to your first chakra, spinning it clockwise three or four times. Repeat for all seven chakras. This exercise increases the speed of the chakras, allowing each energy vortex to spin at its optimal frequency. A clean chakra is able to draw in natural energy to replenish the reserves in the Luminous Energy Field and keep us in exceptional health.

Feel free to send me your comments after this exercise or ask any clarifying questions to help you better understand this important practice. Enjoy your healthier New Year.


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  1. Naomi Rosenblatt says:

    Question: Is the cleansing performed with our hands in front of our body or in back? “The base of the spine” suggests back, but the hands will move more freely in front, especially at the heart and throat regions. Please let me know, and thank you.

  2. Just one clarification with the cleanse,if it is counter clockwise on the body;you mean to go left/ correct? thanks in advance

    • Yes, John, you’re correct! Left first to cleanse, moving up the body, then right (clockwise) moving up the body a second time.

      • This is not clear to me … if you are sitting down, hands in front of your chakra you rotate left which is clockwise and the right which is counter-clockwise. Not like in a mirror where things would be the opposite … right?

        • Think of this as a clock. To “unwind” the chakra in the cleansing process, you move essentially backwards from “12” to “11” and then “6” and up to “12 again. To essentially “close” the chakra after cleansing, you move just like the hands of a clock, from “12” to “1” to “6” to “9” . . .back up to “12” again. Does that make sense?

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