The Ethics of the Visionary

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We perpetuate our personal and cultural nightmares when we do not recognize our role in co-creating reality.  Our subconscious beliefs, which are often rooted in fear, create self-fulfilling prophecies. 

To become the Visionary we must shed the expectations of our cultural nightmare, or we will manifest the same wounds again and again. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy with our self-talk and self-sourcery. Our goal is to take the facts and write a new story with them, to script a different experience of reality.  For the shaman when you script a different experience it begins to manifest.

It is important that we not only continue to explore and change how we see these limiting stories, but we must take the next step and put our intent and visioning into “seeing” what we want for ourselves, our loved ones and for the world.  As you come into proper relationship with all of nature the universe will go out of its way to actively conspire with what you see.  As I point out in my book Courageous Dreaming, “Any of us can access the power of intent: what’s difficult is to learn how to use it wisely.”

With courage to look deeply, let go of the outcome and
connect with all of creation and you will be seeing and dreaming with integrity. 

The universe is always projecting back to us the condition of our love, our vision, our intent and this feedback allows us to continue to edit what we are choosing to create.  With practice and awareness you can sit with the divine as you become a visionary for the world, creating a world of peace, laughter, joy and love.

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