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Laws of Nature

Look in any direction these days and you see a heaping serving of negative consciousness. Turn on the news, watch the stock market, read any paper, or simply stand in line at your local coffee shop and listen to the talk around you, and you’ll find that it’s pervasive these days.

As a Four Winds student who studies energy consciousness and energy medicine, you know that “where energy goes, energy flows.” In other words, what we focus on expands. So, how do we, as single individuals, reverse this negative energetic trend going on in that great big world of ours? How can we make a difference?

The answer is really as simple as studying the examples of laws of nature (or universal laws) around us. While many philosophers, scientists and authors have referred to the laws of nature and their parallel effect in our lives, it was Raymond Holliwell, the author of “Working With the Law” who deliberately sketched out the primary laws of nature and how our lives work (or don’t work) when we are in sync with those laws or when we fall out of step with them.


The Law of Rhythm

As an example, The Law of Rhythm tells us that all things rise and fall. There is always contraction followed by expansion. The tides roll in and out, the moon waxes and wanes, and business cycles are just that – cyclical. Nature is set up as a sort of pendulum swing. When anything reaches the point of culmination, the backward swing begins as almost a hesitation at first, and picks up momentum as it continues in its backwards arc. When the fulcrum reaches the farthest arc in its backward expansion, movement forward begins again.

As a Four Winds student, you are better able to “track” that hesitation in the pendulum as the backward swing begins. You feel it in your bones before your head puts words to it. When you’re aware that the backward swing has begun – or when you see it in play in the lives and stories around you – you have the ability to choose YOUR thoughts and your own momentum.


Which way is the pendulum swinging in your life right now?

No, no, don’t look to the pendulum out THERE. Focus on the pendulum there in YOU.

You might not think you’re able to interrupt the experience of all the human phenomena and drama going on out there, but you can determine how you will personally experience what’s going on out there.

You can choose where the pendulum swings in your own thought consciousness. Will you fall prey to the fear, doubt and worry that is going on around you? Or, will you stand in the knowledge of the great power you have within you … the power that allows you to not only choose how the pendulum will swing in your own life, but how that powerful consciousness affects other people’s lives in a ripple effect?


The Law of Compensation

In his book, Holliwell also address the Law of Compensation, where he reminds us that we’re living in a lavish, abundant universe. Take a moment to look around at nature and you see no stinginess there. The universe does not operate from a place of scarcity; it wasn’t built that way!

In fact, nature invests in itself to produce more abundance.

When we pull back or contract from investing in our lives (and subsequently other people’s lives) … when we decide we have to hold on to what we’ve got because it might be all we’re going to get … we’re not in harmony; we’re not in flow with how nature operates.

The Law of Compensation asks us to look at what we’re investing. Nature herself knows that the seed must first be “invested” to make the oak tree. She knows she must first produce an abundance of flowers in order to attract the bees and birds that will pollinate and spread the seed.

One of my favorite quotes from Earl Nightingale says, “We sit before a cold hearth and say, ‘Give me some heat and then I’ll add the wood.”

It just doesn’t work that way! If you’re dissatisfied with the “heat” you’re receiving in your life, it might be wise to first look at what you have invested. Are you FIRST acting in abundance, with the assurance that all your needs will always be met?

Instead of spending your days, morning to night, scrabbling your seeds or nuts together, try just one day of giving, giving, giving. Nature adores abundance. Spend your entire day figuring out what you can give next, and see how you feel about yourself when you tuck yourself in at night. Better yet, see what unfolds for you when you begin to expand your soul into the world instead of contracting it!

  • Pay for somebody’s coffee or toll fee anonymously.
  • Let three cars merge in front of you.
  • Go online to the Red Cross and send a donation of ANY amount to help the people who are rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.
  • Turn off the news all day long and turn on “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, instead. Play it repeatedly until you can sing along (trust me – it’s not a difficult song).
  • Sign up for the class your soul feels drawn to doing so that you are constantly embarking on improvement and growth.
  • Toss a $10 bill out your car window (oh yeah. Talk about an exercise against “contraction!”)
  • Sign up to serve dinner at the homeless shelter or “friendship shelter” in your area.
  • Write a check – even a small one – to a cause you believe in. Put it in an envelope, stamp it and (well, I kiss it with good wishes before I) mail it.
  • Send an actual, physical greeting card to someone you love in the mail.
  • Call a mentor who’s changed your life and tell him or her “thank you.”
  • Delay your drive into work tomorrow to walk your child to school.
  • Order an extra sandwich and drop it with the guy on the corner you see every morning.
  • Buy an extra few cans of COOL Thanksgiving groceries and drop the entire bag in the collection bin for families who are really struggling. (If you were truly struggling, what kind of food would you like to receive?)
  • Shovel your neighbor’s driveway before he even knows you’re out there and scuttle away with a smile on your face.
(When you have a moment, leave a comment below on actions you’ve taken to stop the pendulum swing backwards. It’s time for all of us to come together and share our individual actions for the greater good.)

You’re going to find that when you hold that space of positive pendulum swings and ever-expanding good, you will begin to see opportunities alight and “fortunate events” arise that you never would have imagined for yourself.

Don’t let yourself fall prey to the opinion of the world. Sync with that greater, energetic, universal law … and watch what this vibrational match unfolds for you.


P.S. Alberto Villoldo and a number of visionary guests will be discussing this very pendulum swing and the actions you can take on the unique (and surprising) opportunities being presented by the 2013 prophecies. New light and new direction await in this coming era! Here’s your chance to ask your own questions of clarification as you participate in conversation with these leaders of our time.  Register today for Alberto’s “Beyond 2012: The Reinvention of Humanity,”  4-part online and interactive series in December (recordings will be available, too).





  1. Patricia McGuire says:

    Interesting that you mentioned calling up your mentor and thanking him…while I was without light and heat during the hurricane, I experienced a life review that somehow ended up with a tremendous amount of gratitude when the lights came on. A few days later, I called my “original” mentor whom I had met 30 years ago, to tell him how much he had contributed to my life choices; he had just retired a few months ago. His partner, whom I had also known (and had dated his son in college) is 98 and still working!! I told him to send him hugs and kisses, too. It wasn’t an ending at all; it was the beginning of a reframing, a volume ending, and a new one beginning. It’s hard to say thank you for the experience of the hurricane, but it led to a meaningful consciousness.

    I have not sent out Christmas cards for years, but I realized I have a whole group of people that I have known over the years, and have really appreciated for all their help, their generosity, their being just who they are…I decided that this year I will make a list of all the people that I have been thinking about with appreciation, send them a card for the holidays and within it send a personal note of deep gratitude. That just seems so right.

  2. What a great article. When I had my awakening I moved from constantly thinking of myself to just letting go, to allow myself to go with the flow and stop thinking about what I want. So that means, not speeding up when a car is trying to merge, letting the other person go ahead of me in line among other things where I just slow down and stop rushing all the damn time! I am still getting what I need when I defer to others. It’s the act of service that is so in line with the teachings of not only all major religions, but the law of nature itself – life for all in all abundance!

    And where life is not abundant, let’s say in a desert, we must move from that place as no amount of praying/wishing in the world that can change it. We must move forward and sometimes that means physically leaving the places that no longer nourish our soul.

    – Chantal

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