The Otorongo Tribe of the Create a Thriving Practice Course – Stepping Forward Powerfully


I’m excited that the participants of the first Create a Thriving Practice course (which happened in Utah last month) are experiencing such amazing results in their first month since the course.

I’ve been saying for months now that we manifest our purpose in this world by creating a thriving client practice.  It is the way to be in action on our soul’s journey.  There are too many powerful shamanic practitioners who simply aren’t doing enough of the work and making the difference they are here to make.  It’s not because they’re not talented or can’t make a difference.  They simply aren’t positioned in a way to easily attract their ideal clients.

One of the key shifts to building a Thriving Practice is being able to speak into the other person’s listening.  It’s never about getting someone to come up to your level to understand how you can help them.  It’s YOU that needs to adapt to their level.  Whether someone is an analytical engineer or a fervent Christian, it’s our job to be able to “speak that person’s language” so that they understand the benefits of what we have to offer.  No matter what their worldview is, our energy medicine can probably help them along in their journey.  So we need to be able to adapt our message so that it’s heard by them.  That’s what I mean when I say we have to be able to “speak into the other person’s listening”.

We need to understand that when someone is considering something new, they aren’t evaluating it with the most advanced part of their brain, but with the most basic, limbic part.  Think of it like this – imagine speaking to yourself before you had all of your healing work and the realizations that came with it.  So we need a way of relating that’s simple and plain.

Simply put, what we do is help people to clear away the energy of the past so that they are more free to go in a new direction.  That’s what we do.  Sometimes it helps to reduce things down to the simple.  The next time someone asks what you do and you’re tempted to go into a long-winded explanation of the energy body, try this instead:  “What I do is help people clear away the energy of the past so that they’re more free to go in a new direction.”

It just might be you that’s going in a new direction as a result.

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