A Women’s Retreat and Medicine Journey – Chile

Womens Retreat

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Host: Marcela Lobos

Embark on an intimate women’s retreat and journey of the soul where you will learn to call upon the spirits of the earth and celebrate transformational rites of passage. Join Marcela Lobos November 10-21, 2014, for this extraordinary women’s retreat to Chile where you will pray, dance, and discover your feminine power. This intimate journey will include the rare opportunity to work with the Machi—Mapuche medicine women who hold the wisdom and passion of Mother Earth.

Three glorious venues will host us during this journey: first a spa carved from living stone featuring dramatic views of the powerful Pacific Ocean, then we go to Alberto and Marcela’s intimate retreat in the coastal mountain range, and we finish at a seaside resort high above a rocky cove.

This women’s retreat offers an unforgettable journey into sacred healing, clearing and transformation. Leave behind what no longer serves you and discover those gifts that reveal your true beauty, wisdom and power.

Greca ChicaOn this sacred journey you will:
  • Participate in healing ceremonies and rites of passage
  • Experience intuitive movement as you laugh, dance and breathe—awakening the dormant serpent, the doorway to your feminine power
  • Discover and celebrate the three main feminine archetypes in ceremony
  • Build and participate in a sweat lodge
  • Eat delicious wholesome food (Vegetarian option available)
  • Spa treatments available upon request
  • And more!

Marcela3As a medicine woman initiated in the spiritual healing traditions of the Andes and Amazon, Marcela Lobos is a mythic tracker who will help you discover what your soul most desires.
Join Marcela in her native country of Chile as she guides you to connect with your deepest gifts and with your highest visions.

This event will sell out due to the intimate size (maximum 24 people). Please register now to experience your epic journey of the soul in Chile.

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Greca ChicaPrice 

Base price (TBA)
Price includes all land costs and meals, except for the last two lunches. Your unforgettable accommodations include Canal Om, a life affirming oasis of serenity; Los Lobos, a unique mountain retreat, and the elegant and restful Hotel Isla Seca. Airfare not included.

Greca ChicaRegistration

For more information about this and other upcoming expeditions, contact Scott D. Wheeler
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