2021 Oct 05 — Cord Cutting Basics

The first way we will build our energetic defenses is by learning how to cut cords for ourselves. Cords connect us to people, places and even lifetimes.  Psychiatry refers to them as trauma bonds and they follow us throughout our lives.  Unless these cords are cut...

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2021 Sep 14 — Healing Your Body by Detoxing

Every day, we are exposed to contaminants in our food, water and air that did not exist 100 years ago. These toxins wreak havoc in our bodies, interfering with the many delicate systems that keep us healthy, functional, and alive. The toxins in our environment...

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2021 Sep 07 — Healing Generational Curses

Curses are not just ill-wishes we receive from people who desire to harm us. They can also be inherited from our ancestors, who made contracts with Spirit in times of duress. These generational curses can manifest on all 4 levels of engagement: physically, on the...

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2021 Aug 24 — Shamanism and the Search for the Soul

The search for the soul has preoccupied humans for centuries. At first, our ancestors thought the soul had its seat in the heart. Later, numerous other organs became candidates for housing the soul—including the liver and the spleen. Eventually, when we could not find the soul...

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