Author: Dr. Alberto Villoldo

2022 Jan 18 Xibalba and Mayan Prophecies

The Maya lived in a geographical block covering all of the Yucatan Peninsula and modern-day Guatemala; Belize and parts of the Mexican states of Tabasco and Chiapas and the western part of Honduras and El Salvador. According to the Mayan prophecies, the cosmos is composed of three...

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2022 Jan 04 Shamanism and the Yoga Sutras

Shamanism is an archaic technique of ecstasy still practiced by countless peoples around the world.  The word shaman derives from the Siberian term for a man or woman who mediates between the visible world of humans and the invisible worlds of energy and spirit.  Just...

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2021 Dec 20 Letting Go of Old Loves and Lovers

What is unconditional love? How does it differ from the selfish kind of love? And why is it so important to pay attention to the lovers we welcome into our life? Let’s talk about love and relationships. Let’s come together in a special ceremony to...

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