Author: Dr. Alberto Villoldo

2020 Aug 04 —Truth or Dare

We long for transparency in our leaders, our loved ones and all those we associate with but find ourselves in a world that seems shrouded in secrecy. We observe world events as though looking through an opaque glass that intentionally keeps us from seeing clearly....

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2020 Jul 28 —Oneness Tune-Up

How are you feeling today? Maybe you aren’t experiencing the feeling of Oneness the same way you did a few months or even a few days ago. Perhaps you are experiencing brain fog and feeling alienated from your emotions, your body, from the earth and...

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2020 Jul 21 —Becoming a Mystical Shaman

E=MC2, or mass times the speed of light squared, is a famous equation demonstrating that energy and matter are interchangeable. Many centuries before Einstein developed this theory of relativity in 1905, shamans knew how to shift between energy and matter. I like to say that...

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2020 Jul 14 — A Higher Calling

The effects of racism, oppression, illness, climate disaster and possible extinction seem to swirl around us as we travel together on this blue-green orb hurling through deep space.  We have awakened to a world both familiar and unfamiliar in the intensity of all that has...

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We can journey in our imagination to a magical realm where time flows like a river to the future. Upstream lies our source, in the past. We can see ourselves splashing at the shores of this river in the present. We drift gently to the...

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