Author: Dr. Alberto Villoldo

2021 Dec 07 Letting go of your busy mind

When the mind starts to busy itself crafting a story about how we’ve been wronged, or daydreaming about what our lives could be like if we could only find the right person or situation, we need to quiet it. We do this through the practice...

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2021 Nov 02 — Meditations on the Way of the Hero

The first insight is called The Way of the Hero because the most effective healers recognize that they were once deeply wounded themselves, and as a result of their own healing, they’ve developed compassion for others who are hurting.   Non-judgment  To practice non-judgement, we must transcend our...

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2021 Oct 26 — The Basics of Radical Forgiveness

Every religion emphasizes the importance of forgiveness — Christianity teaches turning the other cheek; Buddhism encourages the practice of sending loving-kindness to all beings. Yet it is very difficult to simply decide to forgive someone who has wronged you and make the emotions of anger...

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