Author: Dr. Alberto Villoldo

2019 May 07 —The importance of daydreaming

Creative daydreaming is a hallmark of higher brain function. Hunter-gatherers, like our forebears, traditionally invest about three hours a day in procuring food and devote the rest of their time to leisure, art, and dreaming. The Hadza of Tanzania, like the !Kung of Botswana, work...

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2019 Apr 30 —THE POWER OF TI

The Inka believed they were children of the Ti. Well-intentioned academics translated this as the children of the sun, but they were mistaken. Ti means the light. The sun is the source of light, but it is not the light, just as a flashlight is not...

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2019 Apr 02 —The experience of oneness

The experience of Oneness is the awareness of a reality where our separateness from creation and each other is an illusion—a trick of the mind. We truly are One. You cannot experience Oneness by chanting Om or repeating a prayer. You need the brain chemistry that...

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