Author: Dr. Alberto Villoldo


Shamans believe that an enlightened person not only speaks truth but recognizes and understands the true nature of reality both when awake and when asleep. Amazon sages speak of learning to dream with open eyes. They feel it is unfortunate that people in the West have...

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2017 Nov 21 —We Thank You Pachamama

This Thanksgiving, as we are filled with gratitude for Pachamama’s bounty, and beauty, let’s remember the many ways we can fulfill our responsibilities as stewards of this planet. It can be hard, sometimes, not to get discouraged by the overwhelming quantity of contaminants in our environment—and...

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2017 Nov 14 —The Practice of Nonsuffering

Nonsuffering is the second of four practices designed to help us better understand and experience The Way of the Hero. When we practice nonsuffering, we do not write stories about our pain; because when we wrap a story around the facts, suffering happens. At some point,...

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2017 Nov 07 —The Tyranny of Emotions

There are many schools of thought about emotions, yet there is no universally accepted theory or taxonomy of the emotions. Some biologists speak about one set of emotions being instinctual and generated by the amygdala (which is involved in processing the memory of emotional reactions),...

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