Author: Dr. Alberto Villoldo

2017 Apr 04 — Moving Your Assemblage Point

As discussed in an earlier blog, the assemblage point is the energetic structure within our Luminous Energy Field (LEF) where we decode our supersensory experiences and “read” the world of energy and emotions around us. In the exercise that follows, you’ll learn how to locate your...

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2017 Mar 28 — Healing the Life Force Within Us

Although perceptions about aging are changing as people around the world resist stereotypes about growing older, many of us still recognize the signs of advancing age when we look in the mirror. Sometime during our late 30s, the body starts to decline. We stop producing...

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2017 Mar 21 — The Luminous Energy Field

The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) — also called the light body, halo or aura — is a matrix that envelops and informs the physical structure of all living beings, and organizes the body the same way that iron filings are organized by a magnet. It is shaped like...

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2017 Mar 14 — The Laika and the Conquest

In 1950, a group of colorfully dressed outsiders approached the annual gathering of shamans at the foot of a holy mountain in the high Andes of Peru. The locals observed their ponchos and recognized the markings of an ancient lineage of high priests. They were...

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2017 Feb 28 — The Healthy Brain and Enlightenment

In the East, enlightenment has traditionally been associated with qualities such as generosity, compassion, peaceful acceptance, and an experience of oneness with all creation. In the fiercely individualistic West, our rather vague notion of enlightenment suggests an acceptance of the world as it is, or...

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