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2018 Sep 11 —How to Break Away from Fate

Imagine that your life is a solid cord of light extending backward into the past for many lifetimes. In the now, today, this cord separates into countless threads from which you weave the future. Each thread represents a possible future, one of your many destinies....

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2018 Aug 28 —The Practice of Integrity

The Practice of Integrity is the final lesson in The Way of the Seer. The Way of the Seer, in turn, is one of four wisdom teachings known as The Four Insights, which were protected for centuries by secret societies of Earthkeepers, the medicine men and...

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2018 Aug 21 —Why Shamans Practice Journeying

The shamans do not practice prayer as we know it. They do not meditate. Instead they go on vision quests and practice journeying. They go into nature and fast, drinking only water. After a few days of not eating, once they have burned through all...

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2018 Aug 14 — The Practice of Transparency

The Four Insights are wisdom teachings long protected by secret societies of Earthkeepers—the medicine men and women of the Americas. The ancients used their mastery of the insights to heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, and grow new bodies that age and die differently.  The Practice of Transparency...

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2018 Aug 07 — Future Impact of Today’s Actions

In last week’s blog I discussed the second practice in The Way of the Seer. You may remember how it entailed recognizing the impact each action you take has on future generations—as well as how many Native Americans believe it impacts seven generations into the...

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