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2017 Feb 07 -Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage are ceremonies that acknowledge major initiations (transitions) in a persons’ life. They are observed in various ways around the world, although modern societies tend to focus on birthdays, coming of age (Sweet 16, Quinceañeras, bar and bat mitzvahs), marriage and death –...

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2017 Jan 31 -The Shaman’s Tools

As I sit in the healing space with my mentor and watch the old medicine man work with a member of the local community who is ill, I am struck by how little he moves and appears to do. I see him close his eyes...

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2017 Jan 24 -Set Yourself Up for Success

Fewer than 10 percent of all people who make New Year’s resolutions stick with them to the end of the year. In fact, half of them give up by midyear, and one-third don’t even make it to the end of January. However, 100 percent of people...

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2017 Jan 17 -The Origins of Shamanism

I am often asked about the origins of shamanism – when did it originate, where did it start, and who were the first shamans. We know that shamanism is a prehistoric tradition dating back to hunter/gatherer (Paleolithic) cultures. Cave art 30,000-years-old shows evidence of shamanic practices,...

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2017 Jan 10 -Primitive vs. Modern Diet

There is an extraordinary collaboration between human beings and the plant kingdom. We are perfect symbionts: oxygen — the waste product of plant respiration — sustains life for us humans, and our respiratory waste – carbon dioxide — sustains life for the plants. Plants turn...

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2017 Jan 03 -Of Earthkeepers and Shamans

Throughout the ages, secret societies of Native American medicine men and women carefully guarded their ancient wisdom teachings and acted as stewards of nature. These “Earthkeepers” existed in many nations and were called by many names; in the Andes and the Amazon, they are known...

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