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2016 Dec 20 -A Solstice Meditation

The word solstice roughly translates as “when the sun stands still,” from the Latin sol, and sistere. On December 21st, the sun reaches its southernmost position in the sky – Tropic of Capricorn – stands still, and then reverses its direction towards the north. Whether you...

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2016 Dec 13 -Mastering Time

In the West, we’ve been taught that time flows in one direction only; that the future is always ahead of us and the past is always behind us. This is monochronic time, which flows linearly. But time doesn’t just fly like an arrow, it also turns like...

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2016 Dec 06 -Toxins and the Gut-Brain

Research increasingly shows that most of the diseases of modern living begin in the gut and are related to our diet. The gut-brain is a superhighway with many lanes where information is continuously flowing between the brain in the head and the brain in the belly....

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2016 Nov 29 -Building an Ancestral Altar

In an earlier blog, I discussed how to turn your wounds into sources of power by shedding the stories of your past. We can also dump our historical baggage, the narrative we inherited over the course of thousands of years and many lifetimes – the...

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2016 Nov 22  -The Health Benefits of Fasting

Many cultures observe some form of harvest festival. Few feasts, however, are as extravagant as Thanksgiving, which ushers in a whirlwind of excess, of overeating, and of unbridled consumption of comfort food that often stretches into the month of December and concludes with a massive...

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