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2016 Nov 01 -Homo Luminous: The New Human

Many prophesies in the indigenous world speak of this time in human history as a period of great transformation. In the medicine tradition of the Inca, legend tells of a great angel who looked into the future and saw that humanity would face an enormous...

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2016 Oct 25 -The Shaman as a Luminous Warrior

To be a luminous warrior is to discover the power of fearlessness. Luminous warriors recognize that our job is to use love to vanquish its opposite – and its opposite is not hate, but fear. In the same way that darkness is the absence of...

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2016 Oct 18 -Energy Medicine: Ethics and Intent

When I was in my early twenties, I received a call from the foundation that sponsored my research. They needed me to complete a study on Voodoo healers in Haiti. The senior anthropologist on the project explained that Voodoo was originally a healing practice from sub-Saharan...

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2016 Oct 11 – Transforming Fate into Destiny

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a marked difference between fate (which is known as karma among Eastern traditions) and destiny (also known as dharma). Fate is a course that’s been predetermined by our family, our history, our genes, and our emotional wounds – it is the prearranged and seemingly...

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2016 Oct 03 – What is a Power Animal?

From earliest times, humankind has used animals as totems and symbols of the highest ideals – the lion as a symbol of strength, the lamb as the purity of God, the serpent and eagle as symbols of the sacred principles of the universe. Mesoamerican societies worshiped...

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