2019 Feb 05 —The Toxic Effects of Candida

Recently, I wrote about deadliest toxin found in nearly every kitchen in America: sugar. Well, In addition to all the sugar-related perils mentioned in that blog, today we’re discussing one more: Candida. There are no known benefits to the human body of Candida. The job of...

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2019 Jan 15 —The Practice of Indigenous Alchemy

The Practice of Indigenous Alchemy is the fourth lesson in The Way of the Sage, the last of The Four Insights—wisdom teachings long protected by secret societies of Earthkeepers. The Laika are keen observers of nature. They take notice of how the beehive and the anthill behave like...

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2019 Jan 01 —Advanced Neocortical Thinking

Synesthesia, which is the ability to blend senses, is one of the many faculties of the neocortex. Artists and musicians possess this quality, which enables them to see a V of flying geese at a distance, imagine the sound of their flapping wings, then set...

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