2018 Apr 10 – How to Become a Shaman

As I speak at live events or teach workshops and seminars for the Four Winds Society, the first question I am often asked is: “What is a shaman?” The next question is, predictably, “How do I become a shaman?” The first step toward joining this ancient...

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2018 Apr 03 — The Practice of Beauty

The practice of beauty is the fourth and final practice in The Way of the Hero, the first of four insights that were carefully guarded by the ancient medicine men and women of the Americas. In the Way of the Hero, we learn how to...

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2018 Mar 27 — Reading the signs of destiny

For millennia, men and women of wisdom sought to understand the workings of destiny, using various forms of divination to foretell future events or find solutions to problems. Shamans traditionally used bones, crystals, shells, drums, power animals, and signs found in nature to foresee matters...

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Some spiritual communities recognize seven chakras. My first mentor, don Antonio, taught me that we have nine chakras. Seven within the physical body, and two outside the body. The eighth chakra, located a few inches above our heads, is where we experience a deep union with...

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