2017 Jul 18 — Quieting Your HPA Axis

The body has two defense systems: one to detect and respond to perceived threats in the external environment, and the other to detect and respond to internal threats. The first is the fight-or-flight response. The second is the immune system. The fight-or-flight response works through the...

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2017 Jul 11 — Discovering Your Undying Nature

The master shamans were concerned with one theme — the discovery of an undying self and an undying joy, and bringing this realization to others. While some shamans worked to heal the body, these master shamans healed the soul. The undying is attained through skillful effort....

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2017 Jun 27 — Healing the Mother Wound

There is rarely such a thing as a new baby. The little one, more often than not, is an old soul — sometimes even older than the mother who delivered him. Sometimes it takes a shaman to cut the cords that bind a mother and...

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