2021 Dec 27 Letting Go of the Collective Nightmare for the New Year

We are edging toward the completion of the pachacuti, a period of great transformation or of turning over. We’re seeing all the changes in the world around us and we know we must prepare ourselves.

Let’s begin with a ceremony and a journey to help us let go of everything in our collective history – barbarism, terrible violence, inhumanity to those who are different, exploitation of those of different color or gender, the crusades, the conquest of the Americas, the persecution of women in witch trials. Select one to which you relate, one connected to you maybe even in a past life and release it to the fire.

Fire Ceremony

Find a death arrow, and blow one of the collective stories you are ready to let go of into it.  When you are ready place your death arrow into a fire or a candle with the intention to release this story from the collective consciousness.

Today, we are bringing these collective stories to closure.  If we skip this step in our evolutionary process, we won’t be ready for the renewal.  We won’t be ready to take our place in a new human story that we will write individually.  We need to write a new personal story free of the violence, exploitation, greed and get it out of our field so we are no longer informed by it.

After your fire ceremony, please take this journey to summon the medicine you need to create this new human story. Summon the four great archetypes associated with the four directions of the medicine wheel to be with you to see with clarity where you are headed.

Journey to summon the four great archetypes

Set your intention to journey to summon the four great archetypes

Begin by 3 rounds of the 4/4/4/4 breath.

(Inhale to the count of 4 / then hold for 4/then exhale for 4/ then hold for 4.)

Turn to the south direction and call on the spirit of serpent, mother of the waters, you who brought the fruit of the tree of knowledge.  Wrap your coils of light around me, come, I need your kundalini energy. Teach me your ways.  Arise within me and burn through all my chakras cleansing stale energies. At my first chakra, burn through any beliefs holding me back from growing a new body, or from believing that I am loved and acknowledged. Reawaken my passion for life. Rising to my second chakra burn through old tales of scarcity and sense of being unsafe. Third chakra – burn through stale energy and beliefs that keep me from my power: that I don’t have enough time or courage, that I’m not young enough or well enough.  Rise up to my 4th chakra and burn away old stories of broken love and promises, hopes and dreams.  Rising into my 5th chakra, serpent energy opens up my thoughts, reminding me of the messages I need to bring to my loved ones and the world.  Rising to my 6th chakra, my 3rd eye – burn through all that clouds my vision: the projections and the fog so that I may see what is true and real.  Rising to my 7th chakra – the gateway to heaven – awaken my pineal gland to reinform my body and brain and bring wings to the top of my head so that I may become the awakened human.  Thank you, serpent, mother of the waters.

Turn to the West direction and call on Jaguar to come to you from deep in the amazon and enter you and bring her power into you. Ask her to help you to remember that you are a child of the forest, aboriginal, nature, fearless. Ask her to bring her medicine of infinity into every cell of your body. Ask her, who journeys between the visible and invisible worlds, to give you safe passage so that you may journey beyond time and space to recover the soul of the new human in the future. Take me to that place of my becoming so that I may meet myself for the first time, the me that has a new body that ages and dies differently and knows the way home.  Awaken my jaguar vision that does not allow herself to be seduced or deceived. Thank you, Jaguar, let your fearlessness become my resting state.

Turn to the North direction and call on Hummingbird. Grandmothers and grandfathers, guardians and keepers of this land, I call on you to bring me your ancient wisdom.  Hummingbird, great traveler who travels from one side of the world to the other, give me the courage to embark on this great journey to the future. Let me embark on the hero’s journey, no longer waiting for change but becoming the change.  Show me the ways of stillness in flight so I may sleep peacefully at night, feed from the nectar of the flowers of spirit, and say yes to the great journey to the land of who I am becoming. Thank you, hummingbird, I call on the ancient ones from the future, the shamans who will come after me to guide me on my journey.

Turn to the East, the direction of mother sister eagle/ condor. Come to me from the place of the rising sun, from this place of hope.  Help me to always fly wing to wing with great spirit.  Condor/Eagle I invite you to come inside me and into my heart, the place of the sun. Spread your wings and protect my vulnerable heart and teach me to live whole heartedly without obstacles. Thank you, Eagle, teach me to fly high, over every obstacle and see only my true destiny in the future.

Now, close your eyes. Sense how these 4 powers are settling into your body, strengthening your luminous energy field and your physical body.  We know that with this power we can step into the new human with fearlessness, generosity, and compassion for all. Envision the world you want your children’s children to inherit with clean water, abundance, peace, and with everyone working for the good of all creation. Now envision this for your town or village and then for your neighborhood and the forest and animals around you. And now for your family and loved ones, and then for you.

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